GuitART is guitar art. But ours is unique because it's actually playable!

Our hand-crafted Steampunk beauties will draw people in because they are stunning to look at and examine. But when you grab and play GuitART, it comes alive!

What is Steampunk?


Experience the mind of a genius inventor who introduced us to advanced energy, gravity and wireless technologies. 

Hear the piezo acoustic sound from Q's

custom hand wound pickup.



Steampunk is a decor style that has never stopped trending but only recently got a name. It combines a softness and warmth with innovative industrial pieces from the turn of the century.

We strive for 99% Steampunk authenticity by using only materials that were available during the Victorian era, so virtually no Phillips-head screws, plastic, etc.


What is GuitART?

Call 843.448.2030 to special order customized GuitART created around your guitar performance needs, home/business decor needs, or for your personal collection.

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GuitarZan's GuitART Gallery


Capturing the atmosphere of Houdini's loft where he worked tirelessly to perfect his illusions. 

Both of the humbucker pickups deliver deep, dark and heavy tones



Experience the adventure, hard work and high reward from working an Alaskan gold claim in 1900.

Two sluice box style humbuckers create a high powered, crunchy tone.


...the coolest art you could own!

  • Beautiful

  • Playable

  • Versatile

As guitar shop owners, we are passionate about great playing guitars. We're also big fans of Steampunk. So we combined our two passions to create something special and unique.

Our GuitART is amazing to look at and examine but even more fun to play. Each guitar is built with playability and comfort in mind. That's why we combine both new and recycled guitar elements to create a durable, great player with it's own unique, superior sound.

Our GuitART is versatile for both players and interior designers. We successfully design them to make them look fantastic from all stage angles as well as all possible display angles.

No one has anything like our GuitART. If you are seeking a truly unique piece for your home, business or gallery, Guitarzan's GuitART is guaranteed to be a big attraction! 


Inspired by Edison's phonograph innovations and his wealthy Victorian era essence and status.

Listen to the video to hear how amazing these Lipstick humbuckers sound!



Explore the  sights, textures and colors found in a shipwreck from long ago.

Watch the video to hear all three  distinctive sounds created from these  single coil 'boat' pickups.