Choose between fast cash or more cash

More cash

If you can wait 30 to 60 days for your guitar cash, and your item will sell for more than $500, then take advantage of the highest paying guitar consignment service in the US.

We have many customers who know a great guitar when they play one. But we don't just "hang it and hope." We actively sell guitars. We only charge a 20% (or $100 minimum) commission.

Sell or trade your guitar and gear


"GuitarZan did everything they said they would do to help me sell my Les Paul by Gibson. Great people, prompt payment and an enjoyable experience. What more could I ask for!"
Ruth D.

Consignment  customer


Fast cash customer


Fast cash

Our cash and trade offers are based on current Fair Market Value, not wholesale prices. That's why you get more money for your guitar at GuitarZan than those other places. We will happily give a cash offer over the phone if you live too far.

We are selective about the guitars we buy for our customers, so not every guitar will qualify. Now grab that old guitar you haven't played in a while and bring it in.

Cash for guitars, amps and pedals.

We pay FAST CASH for guitars and gear. Our customers tell us that we pay more than all the other places around here. That's because when we see a cool guitar, we want it.

GuitarZan loves trades and we give you INSTANT CREDIT for anything in the shop. We even trade guitars for repairs and lessons. So if you're ready to make some gear changes, bring them over to GuitarZan.


Trade-in customer

"Awesome experience at GuitarZan yesterday. We traded in 4 and got 2, plus an amp... we have been to Owens in Myrtle Beach and Guitar Center in Charleston and GuitarZan blows them all away!" 

Bill H.

"Hey People! The GuitarZan is for REAL!! He was great to deal with. I had a couple of guitars sitting around collecting dust, so I took them for the GuitarZan to sell. It was profitable to me. I suggest any starving musician who might have guitars in good condition, to go pay the GuitarZan a visit. Hey don't forget to take any Pedals and Amps that you have as well."
Kathy B.

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